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The Faria

The Faria is a potted plant that grows in the shape of an animal- though they are not even partially animalia. They can come in any type of plant as well, and grow the flowers, leaves, or produce of that plant. There are very few Faria in the wild, and they can only be found in Adalyn, due in part to the fact that a Silvun is required to help the seed to grow. The are especially common in the Soreal forest.

Even though the are plants, they have been shown to react and move very much like an animal- despite the fact that they are rooted to the ground. They will show a wide variety of emotions, and they can ‘dance’ when happy. They are one of the easiest to befriend if found and require no special bait. If they trust you, they will give you one Faria seed- which you will then have to prepare to be potted and have a Silvun to help make it grow.

Defining Features of the Faria


Body – A Faria’s body can resemble any animal, this is called ‘mimicking’ and some will even take on fierce forms to frighten away predators. They have no limbs to speak of and they are always rooted in soil; they also come in a variety of sizes depending on the plant type and mimic design- though the average at 1ft (30.48cm).

Plant – The plant type can be any terrestrial plant, and it has to be able to be rooted in some type of soil. If healthy, a Faria can produce the same kind of produce, leaves, or flowers of the plant they are based in; and they always display the same colors and key features of that plant.

Face – All Faria have small faces, and their eyes are small, black, and beady- though they are functional. Their mouths, however, are only for decoration.

Mobility – Though rooted to the soil, they are able to wiggle, sway, and bob; these kinds of motion have been lovingly coined as ‘dancing’. Their movements are always based on their mood, and if unhappy or sad, the will instead just droop.


- The Faria can come in any animal shape, as they are ‘mimic’ plants (even water-based animals).
- They have no limbs to speak of, only roots that are hidden by the soil.
- They can come in a variety of terrestrial plants, and they will take on the key features of that plant.
- They do have ‘faces’, though the eyes are always small, black, and beady, and the mouths are completely useless.

Facts About the Faria


- They are difficulty Rank 1 to befriend.
- Gets nutrients from photosynthesis.
- Some have been known to make small ‘squeaking’ or ‘humming’ sounds, zoologist believe this is caused by them controlling the airflow through their bodies.
- The Silvun helps a Faria grow by doing what’s called the Nurturing Touch, no one knows why this works.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Faria

• How can I grow a Faria seed if I don't have a Silvun?

You can ask anyone in the community who does have a Silvun to help you grow the seed.

• Is there a reason why a Silvun is needed to grow a Faria seed?

Yes- but... spoilers ;)

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