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The Gumi

The Gumi is a newt-like critter that has a distinct bubble terrarium living on its back. They are semiaquatic and live in and stagnate ponds or slow-flowing rivers in the continents of Umaria and Jinaria. They are curious little beasties that will explore anything that comes near its home- however they are fast, and it can quickly evade any predator. Gumi’s will actively seek out the Kaiyo Gei, as only a Gei can cause a Gumi egg to hatch- zoologists are unsure as to why. This is why they will choose to live in calm bodies of water that they know the Gei will travel to regularly.

Though very fearless creatures, the Gumi is often too quick to capture. Zoologists found that the best way to lure and then gain their trust is by using Newt Mulch; and unlike the Lilire, they are fairly easy to befriend after that. Once they trust you, they will gift you with a Gumi egg, at which time you will need a Gei to help hatch it.

Defining Features of the Gumi


Body – Gumi’s, on average, are about 5in (12.7cm) in length- which includes their tail; and their bodies are very similar to that of a newt. Their skin is normally very smooth- but can also be a little bumpy in texture- and is always at least a little slimy. If a Gumi is dry, it is ether dead or dying- so always keep it in a humid or moist environment.

Bubble – All Gumi’s have a bubble terrarium on its back- and it can be filled with ether aquatic or semiaquatic life. Very few terrariums will have aquatic or semiaquatic animals in them, and usually they are very small versions of that animal. The bubble’s exterior has a very similar texture to their skin- though it is completely transparent. It is tough, but if pierced and not patched up quickly, the bubble will empty and could possibly kill the Gumi.

Sprout – On the head of every Gumi is a little sprout- which tends to match the color of the foliage inside the bubble. This sprout is attached and is very painful if ripped off, but it can grow back like its tail. The sprout will change its color and texture based on the Gumi’s health- should the sprout be black and wilted, it means the Gumi is sadly dead. You always want the sprout lush and happy.

Tail – Their tails are ether long and newt-like or bulbous and gecko-like, and they can be any length. Like a lizard, the tail can come off if the Gumi is threatened, but it will grow back just fine.

Limbs – Gumi’s have four noodle-limbs that have little gecko-like feetsies, that are webbed, attached to them. Their toes are specially designed to grip smooth or wet surfaces, and they are able to climb vertically.

Eyes – A Gumi’s eyes a large and bulbous, and they have no pupils. They have two eyelids- a normal outer one that allows them to ‘blink’, and a secondary clear one used to protect the eye. The Gumi can also see perfectly fine in the dark.

Tongue – Their tongues are long and sticky, and they have a very gel-like appearance- and can often be very brightly colored. Gumi’s also have toxic saliva, so be careful not to be bit or have the saliva get into an open cut- otherwise you might feel very nauseous for a few days. Their saliva is meant as a protection against predators, but it is not really lethal to anything larger than a bird.


- Must have a small, newt-like design overall.
- All Gumi’s have a bubble terrarium growing off their back, and it can have any kind of fresh-water or semi aquatic themes to them.
- Skin is always a little slimy, and it is mostly smooth in texture (they can occasionally have bumpy textured skin).
- Comes in all kinds of colors with all kinds of patterns.
- Has large, bulbous, pupiless eyes.
- There is always a tiny little sprout growing atop their heads.
- They can have long tails that are ether similar to a newt or similar to a gecko in style.
- Has cute little feet that actually have more in common with a gecko’s toes.

Facts About the Gumi


- They are difficulty Rank 1 to befriend.
- They are insectivores.
- The way the Gei will hatch a Gumi egg is by what’s called the Ocean’s Kiss (no spit required).
- A Gumi’s saliva is used in a healing recipe that helps to evacuate a creature’s body of toxins or poisons.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gumi

• How can I hatch a Gumi egg if I don't have a Kayio Gei?

You can ask anyone in the community who does have a Kaiyo Gei to help you hatch the egg.

• Is there a reason why a Kaiyo Gei is needed to hatch a Gumi egg?

Yes- but... spoilers ;)

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