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to the World of Alondria! A distant planet far from the one you know- and even farther than your technology could ever reach. Are you prepared to dive deep into the mysteries of this world and unlock the secrets of the past? Are you willing to go beyond the safety of the fields to uncover the truth?

Adventure awaits you, traveler...


The World of Alondria is what is called an ARPG, which in this case stands for Art Role Playing Game. This means that the player creates artworks to play. The art can vary from the classic visual art, crafty arts, and writing. All artistic levels are welcome- our biggest goal is to not only give players a fun and interactive ARPG, but also give them a place where they can learn and improve their art without the worry of being judged harshly.

Currently, the team is comprised of only Eloria- who is the developer and designer- and her husband- who works legal and marketing. We hope to eventually bring in more members, but for now things are slow going and will take time to get things pushed out.