What is Alondria?

Welcome to Alondria, traveler! You may, understandably, be wondering just what you have found yourself upon here in this little nook. Alondria is a casual sandbox role-playing game that has had a long road to get to this point.

A Little History of Alondria

This particular project of mine has gone through quite a lot of changes over the years- ideas came and went, road blocks and limitations changed how I could go about making this game a reality. Alondria had a simple start as I had recently gotten into closed species, and I had thought- how cool would it be if I could make a 3D game with the customization that one gets from making their own character in a closed species. Thus, Project Adalyn had been born. Sadly, my knowledge of 3D design and modeling and game development was extremely limited, so I wanted to change the plan to be more to my level. That was when I came to learn of art role-playing games. Thus, Adalyn became Alondria, and I began working towards making a fully functional website that could host a proper ARPG.

I had made a lot of progress on the ARPG, I had stories, species, guides, the whole lot. But I came to the harsh realization that to keep an active ARPG requires a lot of personal interaction with players- which I found can be extremely stressful for me, and I began to worry how I would mentally be able to keep up with it all. So, for a while, Alondria as a project was dead. Then, I decided to circle back to my original idea of making a 3D game, and then combine that alond with a lot of the lore and species I created with a game idea I have been wanting to make for a very long time. And that is where we are at today. It was quite the road to get to this point, and it will be quite the road to reach the finish goals as it's just me here- but I'm excited to keep going, to push my limits, and see just how far I can take this project!

This site is still being completely overhauled, so some things may be missing or broken- thank you for your patience!