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The Kaiyo Gei

In times gone by, deep within the heart of the ocean, a haunting melody would echo through the abyss. Long had explorers tried to find the source, only to wash up on the shores… dead… They showed no signs of drowning or of a lethal attack, only a perfectly healthy being. Slowly, fear of the melody grew, and legends began to swarm around the depths. Many began to call the mysterious singer Maeror Naiad- or the nymph of sorrow.

As time went by, the world forgot the song, leaving only to be a sailor’s fable… that was, until the darkness began to spread beyond the ocean of Maeror. Corals began to fade, fish began to float to the surface in masses, and yet not a single scholar could understand why. Many who’s entire lives resided in the reefs of the oceans scrambled to the shore, for fear the darkness would overtake them as well.

Eventually, the oceans were said to be as dark as ebony, and should a creature be so unfortunate as to fall into the inky depths, they would simply succumb in a single instant. And with this darkness came the melody- stronger… louder… than it had ever been before. It drove many to insanity, and those living close to the shore could be found dead in their sleep without any signs of trauma. They called this mysterious event the Black Sorrow.

When all hope seemed lost, and the lakes and rivers began to turn black, a pillar of light burst from the night sky at the heart of Maeror. The light was so bright, it illuminated Alondria, and not a soul could forget the horrible sound that followed. In that moment, the melody morphed from a mournful lullaby to a cruel screech that seemed to rake jagged claws into the ears of all who heard. It lasted for too long, and many feared that this would be the end of life on Alondria.

And then, there was silence…

The pillar of light grew, and a glowing mist began to cover the expanse of the oceans. Many curious beings looked out to the ocean to see what was happening, and they saw these aquatic beings emerge from the shroud. As they passed through the ebony water, it became clearer than any could remember it being. By morning, the oceans, lakes, and rivers were sparkling in the daylight, and on the edge of the waterline stood the Kaiyo Gei- the Guardians of the Sea.

Defining Features of the Kaiyo Gei


Body – The Gei’s body is very slender and very fluid dynamic, and they, on average, tend to be around 51/2in (167.64cm) tall. Their skin tends to be similar to that of an amphibian- though not always ‘slimy’- and it can come in many colors, including natural skin tones or bright vivid blues. Sometimes they can have a holographic-like scale look to their skin, though the only ones with actual scales would be a mermadic type. Sometimes Geis will call these mimic scales.

Abdomen – The most striking feature of a Gei is their abdomen, which is actually a naturally occurring terrarium. The Gei’s genes determine the type of terrarium they will have, and it never changes throughout their lifetime. In it can be aquatic plants, aquatic creatures, and even just rocks or nothing but water and a few small organisms. The life inside the terrarium have a symbiotic relationship with the Gei, and the health of Gei will show in the health of the terrarium.

Limbs – The Kaiyo Gei’s hands are always webbed, but they don’t technically have feet- instead they are very strong flippers that are in the shape of a human-like leg. Technically, they can be used to swim, though most Gei prefer to switch to their marecura. Their limbs can be decorated with any kind of fins, of all shapes and sizes, or could even go bare; it is also very common for a Gei to have the ends of their limps semi-transparent, almost as though they are made of liquid.

Hair – Their hair starts as normal, keratin-based hair at the roots, then becomes physics-defying water further down. The ratio between water and hair can be any amount, and the hair overall can be any length; it can also be cut and styled in any way, and comes in all colors (often ombre, switching from a natural colored hair to an vibrantly colored water). The differences in the hair is not always super obvious unless very close up since sometimes the water part can be very opaque.

Water Form – The marecura is most commonly where their legs become liquid, the liquid often matches ether the Gei’s hair or terrarium water. The other known version is the mermaidic version, which can be of any aquatic tail type. This change only affects the hips down.

Eyes – Their eyes can come in many shapes, but it is always a more bulbous shape overall, similar to that of a seal. They tend to be pupiless, but it can come in many different colors, and they have the standard upper and lower eyelids, but also the third eyelid, which is often used to keep sand out of them.

Ears – Like their fins, the ears can be any shape or style, though they are always pointed in some way, like an Elf’s would be; and like the ends of their limbs, the tips of their ears can be semi-transparent.

Teeth – They have sharp, predatory teeth, and sometimes they can be small and slightly pointed or rather large to where the poke out from their mouth. Gei’s have very toothy grins.


- For their abdomen, Geis have a water-based terrarium, which is nestled under the chest and between the legs.
- A Gei’s terrarium can be filled with any water-based theme- including small aquatic animals- so long as it matched with their type (e.g. freshwater or saltwater).
- Like most Alondrian species, a Gei has a lapis- a Gei’s tends to be small and is located beneath the clavicle.
- A Gei has no defined feet or toes, and their hands are webbed.
- The eyes of a Gei tend to be large and roundish in shape.
- The hair of a Gei always starts as hair at the roots, but eventually turns to liquid as it goes down. The ratio from hair to water varies per Gei. It can be any length and be styled in any way.
- The Gei’s ears can be of any style, as can their decorative fins.
- A Gei does not have a pronounced nose, and it is often just a small bump with very small slits for nostrils- which can be closed if submerged.


Freshwater*- These are Geis that are only able to thrive in freshwater, and though they can pass through saltwater, they can become sick if they stay took long.

Saltwater**- These are Geis that are only able to thrive in saltwater, and though they can pass through freshwater, they can become sick if they stay took long.

Euryhaline***- These Gei are able to live comfortably in both salt and fresh waters, and don’t have to worry about getting sick if being in ether for too long.

Mermadic****- This is a rarer type of Keiyo Gei whose marecura form is marked by a mermaid or mermaid-like tail (the tails come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes). Their teracura form, instead of being transparent or water-like actually have scales matching their marecura form’s scales.

Abyssal****- This is an extremely rare type of Kaiyo Gei, and very little is currently known about this type.

Details About the Kaiyo Gei


Kaiyo Geis tend to live very nomadic lives, living in portable homes made from barks or large sturdy plants. They live in nearly any kind of body of water- though they stick to the water type that they can comfortably live in (e.g. salt or fresh-water). Often-times, as they travel, they are always finding ways to help the water ecosystems and make sure that the aquatic life is thriving and safe. Kayio Geis are well-known for their beautiful dancing and singing, and they perform wherever they go- they are very much like gypsies.

The Kayio Gei have a few celebrations- Kaniomagi (Sapphire Eclipse) and Dorunagi (Scarlet Eclipse). Kaniomagi happens once a year, and it’s when both of Alondria’s moons line up, making look as though there is only one moon. This happens the same time every year, and it is marked by a specific set of tidal patterns (one of the few times the currents can actually be measured properly). The Dorunagi festival happens every other year, and it’s when one of the moons covers the minor sun. During both festivals, the Geis gather together and prepare a massive festival that holds many performances, games, unique foods, and much more- they have even made it to where it is both on land and water so others can join in. For simplicity, both of these festivals have come to be known as the Festival of Lights or the Moon Festivals.


Kaiyo Geis tend to live in mists which can vary in size. Each mist has a queen, who can be seen as the matron of that mist. It is her job to ensure the safety, comfort, and continuation of that mist. Besides the queen, there can be any number of corals or coys.

Since reproduction is very ‘hands-off’ and impersonal, most Geis tend to see their mist as a collective family, and don’t often form romantic relationships with another. However, if they choose to, they can mate for life with another Gei; this is done by a coral/nymph touching lapis with a coy, which is known- by all who have a lapis- as Bonding.

A mist is created when a nymph goes off with others who wish to follow her, at which time she would become a queen of her budding mist. Sometimes a bonded pair may do this to start a separate family from their birth one.

Facts About the Kaiyo Gei


- A Mist- a group of Kaiyo Geis
- Podlings- the embryotic, child, and adolocent stages of a Kayio Gei
- Pods- the egg of a Kaiyo Gei
- A Coy- a male Kayio Gei
- A Coral- a female Kaiyo Gei
- A Nymph- a coral that is able to produce pods
- A Queen- the current ruler, protector, and producer of pods of a given Mist
- Lapis - the small, gem or rock-like shape above their terrarium
- Teracura- Their leggy land form
- Marecura- Their water or mermaid form depending on the Kaiyo Gei type
- A Shell- Unknown


Reproduction for the Kaiyo Geis is a little different from a standard aquatic animal. Not all females of the species are able to produce pods (or unfertilized eggs)- if a coral is able to produce pods, they will discover this shortly after adolescents and will become a nymph. The pod actually is produced from the mouth as their reproductive system is nestled near their stomach. Any coy is able to fertilize a pod, and they do so by sticking a pod in their mouth then spitting it out.

From there, a fertilized pod must be placed into a protected waterbed (ether salt or fresh water depending on the podling’s genetics). There the parent(s) must watch over and protect the pod as the podling grows. The pod will extend a root-like umbilical cord into the water soil beneath it- and it will look very similar to how Lilypad’s grow.

Most often times, a pod is raised collectively by a mist. However, there are some Geis who choose to raise a podling on their own or with their mate. The queen is the only one who has authority to allow a pod to be fertilized, however she may allow a nymph to have one of her own pods fertilized on special request.


- Like most Alondrian species, they have a Lapis on their chest, and because of this they can Bond.
- A mist functions similarly to a very laid-back beehive.
- Multiple nymphs can live in one mist, though the queen knows of all nymphs in her mist.
- Once a queen loses fertility, she will step down as queen and pick a nymph from the mist to be the next queen.
- Gei’s have been known to be a little air-headed as a species, and many have used this stereotype to their advantage, often outsmarting their competitors or enemies with them being none-the-wiser. They get called air-headed mostly due to their carefree and peaceful demeanor.
- Their name means The Ocean Gives, as they were seen as a gift to save the oceans from Maeror Naiad.
- Is a piscivore, herbivore, and insectivore.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kaiyo Gei

• Can I make a salt-water or a fresh-water Gei with any pod?

No, there are three kinds of pods you can earn or purchass, one is freshwater, euryhaline, then saltwater. Depending on the pod you use effects the kinds of traits you can design for your Gei.

• Can I make my Gei with the mermaid traits?

Only if you have a special Mermaid MYO Token, eventually there may be ways to make a mermaid Gei without using a Token or buying an Adopt.

• How do I get a Nymph?

There is no way to get a nymph unless you trade with someone who has a nymph. Not even buying an adopt guarantees a nymph.

• Am I limited by what traits I can make my Gei with?

There are only a few limitations- for example, a Gei that was not made using a Mermaid MYO Token cannot have any mermaid traits. However, if you have a Kaiyo Gei MYO Token, you can make ether a fresh or salt-water Gei; you can also make them euryhaline. However, if you have a pod, you can only base the traits of your design on the pod type. You also are unable to use any Abyssal traits at the time.

• What Types of Gei are there?

There are Freshwater, Saltwater, Euryhaline, Mermaidic, and Abyssal types- rarity tier increases upwards through the options.

• How Does the Lapis Bonding Work?

Basically it is a chemical reaction- a coy has the catalyst within their lapis whereas a coral has the base chemical in hers- that is why the reaction is only possible between a coy and coral. You can think of it like baking soda and lemons.

• Can I make a mist of my own, or can I only have my Gei be apart of an already existing one?

Because of how reproduction works for the Geis, and the fact that you can't simply choose to make a new Gei without the right tokens, you wont be able to have a proper 'Queen', however, so long as you have a registered Nymph, you are able to make her the head of the mist you want to create and have others join in.

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