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The Lilire

The Lilire is a small, semiaquatic, bunny-like creature that sports a Lilypad growth on their heads. They can be most commonly found in the fresh-water lakes and rivers in the continent of Umaria. They are elusive creatures that live in small families near the water’s edge, making their homes in deep burrows. They will run at the sight of most creatures, and they can be difficult to befriend.

Zoologists have found that Sprout Munchies tend to help lure the Lilire out of hiding, though they are still very skittish, and it can be difficult to gain their trust. However, once you’ve gained a Lilire’s trust, they will gift the Alondrian with a single newborn as a sign of their complete confidence that you will cherish the baby.

Defining Features of the Lilire


Body – Starting at an average size of 1ft (30.48cm), their body is small and shaped very similar to an earth bunny.

Lilypad – The Lilire Lilypad can vary in size and shape, and it can come in many colors or patterns. The Lilypad is attached to the Lilire, and removing it is very painful and could prove dangerous.

Flower – Every Lilypad has a flower on it, and it can be any kind of aquatic flower. Their Lilypad flower can bud, bloom, and wilt based on the Lilire’s mood or health. The flower also will release glittery pollen as they sleep- this pollen helps to mask their smell from predators.

Ears – A Lilire’s ears must be similar to bunny ears, but they can be any length or size. Size does depend a little on the climate of where they were born: if from a dryer climate, the ears may be longer to help release body heat; if from a colder climate, the ears may be shorter to help retain body heat.

Limbs – The Lilire’s limbs are small, and have tiny little webbed paws, all of which sport gel-like paw pads. The paw pads are thick to help protect them as they burrow, but also has good grip for wet surfaces.

Tail – All Lilire’s sport a fluffy, roundish tail that can be any size, shape or color; so long as it at least resembles a bunny tail. The tail serves no other purpose than to be ridiculously cute.

Eyes – A Lilire’s eyes are ether closed or squinted in design- never fully open- which gives them a sleepy appearance. This is because they have very poor vision and navigate best by sound and smell- both on land and in water.


- Small and bunny-like in design.
- Ears are bunny-like and can be any size or size.
- Little squinty or closed eyes- no pupils.
- Small feetsies with little, gel-like paw pads.
- A Lilypad that is any shape or size on their heads- can be any color and have any kind of flower on it.
- Must be covered in fur, but fur can be any length, and it can have any color or pattern on it.
- Has a fluffy tail, can be any shape, color, or design so long as it resembles a bunny tail.

Facts About the Lilire


- They are difficulty Rank 3 to befriend.
- They are herbivores.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lilire

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