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Please review the Terms of Service (“terms”, “terms and conditions”) before playing or using the website, DeviantArt group, or designs apart of the World of Alondria. We reserve the right to change or modify the terms and conditions, and suspend or terminate any features of the game at any time with prior notification. By using Alondria designs or the Alondrian website and/or supplemental areas (e.g., the official Discord server or DeviantArt group), you are agreeing to these terms as outlined on this page.


​​ Content created by The World of Alondria or its affiliated creators and published on the World of Alondria website (digital downloads, images, texts, graphics, logos, etc.) is the property of the World of Alondria and is protected by international copyright laws. The entire compilation of the aforementioned content found on this website is the property of the World of Alondria.

 Players who submit user-generated content (user profiles, character profiles, character concepts and designs, stories, and any other content created by a player) retain full ownership of this content submitted by them.

 By creating or purchasing a World of Alondria species design, you agree that the World of Alondria retains the copyright of the species, traits, lore, and branding; however, the World of Alondria does not make claim to the characters or designs inspiring derivative content created with the World of Alondria’s provided species, traits, concepts, etc.

 Users are free to use their owned and masterlist-registered World of Alondria designs outside of the World of Alondria game- but only for non-commercial purposes. These individual designs are owned by the users and thus we do not restrict their use in non-commercial activities, including but not limited to: using the characters/designs in roleplay outside of Alondrian canon, using the characters/designs in other art roleplay games (ARPGs), etc.

 In the event of a ban, a user account may be permanently prohibited in participating in the World of Alondria and/or its adjacent activities. However: at no point will the World of Alondria nor its affiliated creators ever repossess or retract a design you own that you previously purchased or created via the World of Alondria.*

 * In the case of a chargeback, or situation where payment is returned to the intended purchaser of a design, that deign is not considered owned by that individual, as they did not complete the purchase. Furthermore, if a design was stolen, created without permissions, or gained through scamming- we reserve the right to revoke that design.


​​ The Alondria species (also called “designs”) are acquired through sales of adoptables from official group artists of the game or through group features and events. Designs may also be acquired through player-to-player trades or through completion of official Alondrian quests and/or stories. All official Alondria designs can be found in our Masterlist- whether the current owner of that design is playing or not. If you do not see an Alondrian design in the Masterlist, it is not an official design. ​

 The World of Alondria species are closed species. This means that they cannot be created without explicit permission, or by having earned relevant items via the game. ​

 Co-ownership is not officially recognized by the World of Alondria and we are not responsible for any disputes over design ownership resulting from co-ownership. The masterlist will only recognize one owner.

Resale & Trading

​ Designs purchased from approved World of Alondria designers are not refundable. Transactions for designs are final. You may, however, resell your design. Resale of a purchased design is allowed at the original price- plus any commissioned artwork value and/or character upgrade value. Resales of characters with significant work completed on that character or with extra art done by the owner may be resold at a higher price than the original sale price. You may price the extra art and work completed on the character at what you feel is fair. We highly discourage scalping practices and repeated patterns of scalping may result in disciplinary action.

 Designs earned via in-game events, free giveaways, or otherwise not originally created and received in exchange for real life money may not be sold at any time, but may still be traded or gifted. Likewise, items earned via in-game events, free giveaways, or otherwise not originally received in exchange for real life money may not be sold at any time, but may still be traded or gifted. Trading designs in the World of Alondria is allowed. If you receive a design from a trade, you are also still allowed to resell it at the original price and an optional extra charge for art and/or game progress. ​

 After transferring a character over to another player, you no longer have control of that character’s development in the game. The new owner has the rights to the character and any changes they wish to make. You must inform the World of Alondria owner or moderators of any design or item transfers here: (link will be implemented on May 1st, 2020)

Code of Conduct

 Cheating, creating falsified numbers regarding in-game currency or items, or taking advantage of website bugs or exploits, will result in an immediate ban from the game. Players are to remain respectful towards one another. No racist, ableist, or otherwise hateful language will be tolerated; using such will result in disciplinary action. Players can choose who they interact with in-game and cannot pressure others to play with their characters specifically. Players are strongly discouraged from posting guilting or begging messages on any platforms. Begging for adopts or other player characters or currency will result in a warning.

 Players are encouraged to help one another with the game but are discouraged from “mini-modding” or acting in place of a moderator. Please allow staff moderators to answer user questions that require staff attention, as well as handle disagreements that occur. Conduct between users should remain respectful at all times and disagreements or altercations should be reported to a member of moderation staff so that defusal of the situation may occur and disciplinary action may be taken if necessary. Moderation staff have the right to warn, suspend, and/or ban those who break these Terms of Service, supplementary rules, or who create significant game disruptions. This is defined subjectively by the moderation team.​

 Visitors may post content as long as it is not obscene, illegal, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy or injurious in any other way to third parties. It must also follow relevant guidelines outlined in the terms and other supplementary rules. Group and ARPG artwork, writing, and other submitted content must be appropriate for ages 13 and up. Gore, nudity, and sexual content are not allowed within the World of Alondria website or social medias (including DeviantArt and Discord). ​

 Content submitted for the ARPG must be original work or the player must have proper permission to use content submitted to the group. Stolen or traced artwork is strictly prohibited and may result in a suspension or ban from the game. We reserve the right to edit and/or remove content which does not follow the guidelines outlined in the terms and in supplementary rules.​ ​

 The World of Alondria and its affiliated creators kindly ask that you respect the terms and conditions, species rules, and supplementary guidelines. Refusal to abide by these terms or any supplementary rules will result in action by the moderation staff. We reserve the right to suspend or ban users that break these terms or the rules of the game, or who create issues within the game that are not defined by these terms.

  Last Edited: March 28th, 2020